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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Recent (and recent-ish) publications stemming from this blog

This post (one of my most popular) has now been written up and published as ‘Northern Britain and the Fall of the Roman Empire’.  The Mediaeval Journal 2.2 (2012), pp.1-25.

This one is now written up and published as  'Archaeology and Migration: rethinking the debate', in The Very Beginning of Europe? Cultural and Social Dimensions of Early-Medieval Migration and Colonisation (5th-8th Century), ed. R. Annaert, K. de Groote, Y. Hollevoet, F. Theuws, D. Tys and L. Verslype (Relicta Monografien 7. Brussels, Flanders Heritage Agency, 2012), pp.29-40.

This post now is footnoted, written up and published as  ‘From Roman fundus to Carolingian Grand Domaine: crucial ruptures between late antiquity and the middle ages.’ Revue Belge de Philologie at d’Histoire 90 (2012), pp.273-98 (the articles on this issue’s theme were also published, with the same pagination, as a separate volume: Autour de Yoshiki Morimoto. Les structures agricoles en dehors du monde Carolingien: formes et genèse, ed. J-P. Devroey & A. Wilkin, (Timperman: Brussels, 2012): ISBN 9-789461-360243).

In addition, as noted some time ago you can read the written up version of the original of this post as ‘Ethnicity and early medieval cemeteries.’ Arqueología y Territorio Medieval 18 (2011), pp.15-27.