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Monday, 8 August 2016

Dead Blog?

Because of serial spam attacks which the Blogger platform seems unable to deal with (yes - people warned me about Blogger), I have moved the blog elsewhere albeit still on Blogger - edgyhistorian[dot]blogspot[dot]com -where you will be able to find all the posts and comments here with the 600transfomer.blogspot.com address (substitute that bit for the new one and you'll get there) as well as posts made after the start of June 2016.  People who have kindly followed this blog may wish to add the new address to your followed blogs list.  Similarly, those bloggers who have kindly listed this one in their side-bars might wish to update their blog-rolls.

I did think of simply deleting this version but - gratifyingly - people have cited it, sometimes (thanks, James Palmer!) in published books, so I wanted to ensure that those links would still work.


Prof. Grumpy.