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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Directing Anger

Today, for a number of reasons, I have been feeling very angry indeed about the rank, class-based prejudice that infests my own little patch of academe.  It's like a microcosm of Cameron's awful Britain.  But yes a microcosm and we all need to take account of the bigger picture, where mindless upper-class snottiness induces something a little more serious than a bad mood and a bout of foul language on the subject of dishevelled superannuated FBAs.  So for a pinch of reality let's look outside the office window and think about yesterday's welfare debate, when the Oxford-educated (yes, let's not forget that) super-rich made the poor poorer and laughed while they did so.  And since I (and doubtless you too) wish I could write and blog as well as this, I can do no better than point you at this splendid piece by the mighty Plashing Vole, to whom you should all subscribe, here.  Please read.