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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Thatcher: A Nation Mourns

There were extraordinary scenes today as, in an amazing spontaneous show of emotion that took the political classes by surprise, people across the UK came together as one in showing their grief at the loss of their beloved former leader, a far cry from the quiet, private affair of the funeral itself.



Meanwhile in London, the extra police wisely
drafted in hold back the throng of those driven wild by grief.

Appropriately, the ceremony was presided over by a
representative of The Hornèd One

But all worth it for this picture of a toff, evidently
sobbing like a Jessie (remind me, Gideon, which 
party it was that ditched the witch  as an electoral
liability in 1990, when you were at the ripe old
age of 19...)
Sadly not everyone was swept up in the
generally sorrowful mood.