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Friday, 5 April 2013

Great Lies of Academia no.94

"I/We would like to thank X for his/her review of my/our book, Y. ..."

And, while we're on the subject, ...

Professor Grumpy's Wise Words, no.(?)2

Never, ever, ever reply to a review.  No matter how dick-witted, unfair, misrepresentational, potentially libellous it was, no one ever, ever, ever, made themselves look better by replying to a review.


  1. Odds are you have heard of this one alread, and who knows, it could be the source of your post in the first place.


    This is a perfect case study on the dangers of responding to reviews and frankly, only re-enforced my dislike of Pinker's book.

  2. Oh - thank you for that. It is indeed a prime example, which actually I hadn't come across. The tone of the review and the tone of the response are completely asymmetrical. Isn't Pinker associated with the New College of the Humanities? Sounds about right for him!


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